Fire Restoration Services You Can Trust

Fire damage, and water damage can leave your home in ruins. If the fire and water damaged area is not cleaned properly, there could be unforeseen, lingering effects down the road.

The ACE Fire Restoration team of professionals will help you recover from damage caused by a fire and will quickly get your family back into your home, after deploying state of the art fire and smoke removal processes.

Fire Damage Restoration

  • The ACE Restoration team will assess the fire-damaged property and determine what can be restored and what property will need to be disposed of.
  • We will clean and deodorize your home to prevent unpleasant odors left over from the fire damage.
  • If the roof of your home is damaged, from the fire, our team will quickly cover it to prevent flooding and water damage to the interior of your home.
  • Soot removal and soot cleaning is also a part of the fire restoration process. We will remove and clean all soot, with specialized equipment, to prevent further damage, such as discoloration of fabrics and carpeting.
  • To be sure the fire damage is completely removed from your home, our team will use professional cleaning supplies, engineered specifically for fire, smoke, and soot clean up.
  • Our fire restoration experts will work with you to restore your home, as if the fire had not taken place.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our fire damage restoration services.

ACE Services is licensed with the state of Michigan, and is listed with the Better Business Bureau.

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